Our promise to our community Our promise to our community

The Calgary Stampede symbolizes our Community Spirit, fueled by volunteerism, providing opportunities for youth and a lasting economic impact in our city.

From the President and Chairman of
 the Board and the Chief Executive Officer

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our vision

When it comes to building our vision, we are focused on the continued development of Stampede Park as a gathering place for our community. We have the momentum and success of Agrium Western Event Centre, ENMAX Park and TransAlta Performing Arts Studios as we develop Youth Campus, expand BMO Centre’s event capabilities and pursue the development of other Calgary Stampede land resources.

1 Community Partnerships and 
2 Building Youth Campus
Building our vision
1 Community Partnerships and

2017 was a successful and exciting year, as we continued to build our vision of creating a world-class, year-round gathering place for the community, our partners and local businesses.


Community events


Stampede employees and volunteers


International Rotary convention comes to Calgary

Rendez-vous Canada

Rotary Announcement

Community Revitalization Planning

Building our vision
2 Building Youth Campus

It’s been a vision years in the making, where Calgary’s most spirited youth grow and their dreams take shape – and, this year, that vision came to life.

BMO Amphitheatre

has Outdoor seating for up to 800 people

10,488 sq. ft.

Studio space


World-class centre for creativity

TransAlta Performing Arts Studios

Calgary Arts Academy

BMO Amphitheatre

Deepening our connections
 with the community

This year we deepened our connections with the community as a unique contributor to the positive energy of Calgary. One of the ways we do this is by building valuable and meaningful relationships with those that are new to our city and strengthening our existing relationships with members of the community.

1 Inspiring Youth through rich agriculture experiences
2 Preserving western heritage
3 Youth Empowerment
deepening our connections with community
1 Inspiring Youth through rich
agriculture experiences

Our specialized programs provide truly unique experiences to thousands of students and members from our community year-round. Together we are helping to create motivated and engaged young people, empowered to do amazing things.

More than 30,000

people attend Aggie Days every year


students attend Aggie Days


exhibitors from all over Alberta

Aggie Days

Giddy Up Events

Spreading our community spirit

deepening our connections with community
2 Preserving western

An important part of Calgary Stampede is the preservation and promotion of our western heritage. The Stampede legacy includes more than 105 years of history, and important decisions are made every day about its preservation. Documents, objects and stories are stored safely in the Stampede Archives, and heritage buildings located on Stampede Park are preserved. This history allows us to educate youth, share with our community and establish important connections.


years of History

Westbourne Baptist Church

the weston bakery

Building our collection

deepening our connections with community
3 Youth

As part of our belief in celebrating the spirit of community, we believe in investing in the leaders of tomorrow. Through our youth education and performing arts programs, we are providing youth in our community with valuable learning experiences they simply wouldn’t have anywhere else.


showband members


tour buses


volunteers For Mosaic

Listening to Our City

Showriders development program takes flight

Mosaic – Canada’s past, present and future

The 2017 Calgary 
Stampede highlights

Beyond The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, Stampede Park hosts more than 1,200 business, tourism, sporting, hospitality, and community events every year, welcoming more than two million guests from every corner of the world. 2017 was another successful year, as we introduced new and exciting programs and welcomed guests from all walks of life.

1 Innovation
the 2017 calgary stampede highlights
1 Innovation

The Calgary Stampede believes in creating exceptional and one-of-a-kind experiences for our guests. With an eye to the future, we are always looking for innovative and new ways to engage with our community.


community members


Different Countries


Musical Acts

New programming

Historic Relay Races