The safety of all guests, volunteers and employees on Stampede Park is one of the Calgary Stampede’s top priorities.

Safety Facts

  • Stampede Park has 24-hour security and surveillance.
  • During the Stampede, Stampede Park becomes its own stand-alone Police district.
  • The Stampede’s surveillance system is one of the best of its kind, with hundreds of cameras helping ensure everyone’s safety
  • There are Stampede Park Patrol and Dispatch employees on Stampede Park 24/7, 365.
  • During the Stampede, we have our own lightning detection and weather equipment as well as having access to a meteorologist to ensure guests are safe and at Stampede Park.


Safety FAQs
Q: How do we monitor Stampede Park?
The Calgary Stampede has hundreds of CCTV cameras being monitored on a state of the art Integrated Security System.

Q: What does it mean that the Stampede is COR and ISO 14001 certified?
This means that we hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships.  The COR Program was developed to recognize companies with exemplary health and safety programs that meet or exceed an industry-developed standard. All our employees undergo extensive training in health and safety policies and procedures including Safe Operating Practices and Emergency Response. Companies holding ISO 14001 certification have procedures and records in place to ensure consistent evaluation and management of the impacts of their operations on the environment. Learn more about the Stampede’s environmental initiatives here.

Q: What happens if there is a fire or I have a medical emergency during the Stampede?
If there is a fire evacuate the area immediately and call 911. If you have a medical emergency that is serious call 911. If you have a minor medical injury, ask a Guest Services representative where the nearest medical centre is. 

Q:  Who do I call in an emergency?
Please call 911. 

Feel free to contact the Stampede Safety team at any time by emailing